User Research

How do your users, think, feel, and act? What drives them? What do they need?

I find out by:

  • Observing them, and asking succinct, relatable questions
  • Analysing how they complete tasks connected to your current or potential product or service
  • Using well researched feedback methodologies renowned for giving users a genuine voice in the design process

Information Architecture

Is your product or service easy to use?

Based on user research and best practice design principles, I ensure the answer is ‘Yes’. I do this by organising and labelling the content effectively.

Moreover, I make sure your product or service's structure is scaleable and sustainable. It will stand the test of time and accommodate changes.

Content Strategy

Big picture, tiny details - have you got these covered?

Successful content strategists are part data analyst, part media whisperer and part creative powerhouse. I’ve piloted dozens of design projects through planning, pitching, building and launching.

I’ll unravel technical or creative tangles with everyone responsible for your product’s success.  

In short, content strategy is in my DNA and on my resume.

Visual and Interaction Design

Is your product a delight to use? Think imagery, colour, shapes, typography, interactions.

Communicating Complex Ideas

Besides understanding HTML, CSS and JavaScript, I’m skilled in demystifying the design process in English. 
Whether or not your team or your backers and buyers understand UX/UI, I can:

  • Present and articulate, a confident case for your product or service's design
  • Present clear, troubleshooting solutions to keep everyone on the same page and the right page throughout the design and development process